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     We are Scott and Tracy Murphy. We live with our large family on a small country farm in Madison, IN. We have been blessed with nine children, seven of whom still live at home. We homeschool our children which helps us make every day a teaching opportunity. As our children grow we hope to teach them to be faithful with what they have been given. We involve our kids in as much of our lives as possible not just because we enjoy their company but because we see being a family as a special opportunity for learning, sharing, and growing together.

     We both grew up in Indianapolis but in 2004 when a job change brought us to Madison, we bought a former horse farm and began our adventure of country living. We raised alpacas for several years and felt like we got a crash course in animal husbandry. We learned a lot and were blessed by all that working together did for our family.


     In 2012 two separate events occurred which though unrelated have moved us to raising Australian Labradoodles. First, in the spring we lost our family dog of twelve years. With a new baby we weren’t excited about introducing a new dog into our home as dog hair and babies weren’t a combination we were excited about. We didn’t want our newest addition learning to crawl on a floor we were trying to keep free of dog hair. At the end of the summer we made the decision to close our alpaca venture. We needed to focus less time and energy on the barn and fields and more on what was going on inside our home.     

     We eventually came to see that both of these experiences could be used in a new way in our lives and we began to entertain the idea of raising dogs as a family. We researched different breeds and attended an AKC dog show in order to talk with various owners and then later talked with friends whose parents had a Labradoodle. They just couldn’t seem to say enough about the attributes of Labradoodles. Non-shedding and allergy friendly seemed too good to be true but what really attracted us to Australian Labradoodles was their breeding for temperament. Our home is filled with children and a pet’s temperament would be a critical component for us. Originally bred to be companion/service animals, the Australian Labradoodles definitely got our attention.

     We visited with some breeders and always came away excited about these dogs. Once we saw them in person, it didn’t take long for us to get one in our home. In the summer of 2013 we welcomed home our first Labradoodle, Betsy Ross and in the winter of 2013 we brought home #2, Sweet Georgia Peach (both from Colonial Village Labradoodles).

     We have now been breeding for several years and couldn’t be happier with our dogs. We held back a puppy from our first litter, Misia, and she has now given birth to her own puppies. We are excited to be able to see multiple generations of Australian Labradoodles in our home. Our puppies have become family members in 12 different states and we are continually hearing updates on what a blessing they are to those around them.

     Our oldest daughter at home, Mary, is the family member who manages most of the business, including emails, phone calls, website/facebook updates, and most of the dog photography as well as the puppy care. Managing a home business is a great fit for her at this phase in her life and allows her to keep busy at home. We are all thrilled with the arrangement and hope to continue breeding these amazing dogs for years to come!